Carol Sanchez is a Christian Musician, Vocalist, Guitarist, and Song Writer in Nashville, Tennessee

Carol has been around the Christian Music Industry since 1983; the year she

dedicated her life to Jesus and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in order to

pursue a career in Christian music. She established Carol Sanchez Music

Ministries in 1989, and toured throughout the U.S. and overseas until 2002.

Due to chronic health issues, Carol was unable to continue traveling, and was

forced into what she thought was an early retirement from her music career;

a dramatic life change which seemed permanent at the time.


Carol has been in hiatus for the past 15 years; a desert season, which she

thought would never change.  She lost hope of ever returning to her first love

of music again.


Born ~ February 1, 1960

Place of Birth ~ Pasadena, California.

Place of Residence ~ 1960–1971:  Pasadena and Los Angeles, California

                                     1971-1983:  Pueblo, Denver, and Ft. Collins, Colorado.

                                     1983-1993:  Nashville, Tennessee

                                     1993-1996:  Denver, Colorado

                                     1996-2017:  Nashville, Tennessee


She picked up her first guitar at the age of 13, and taught herself to sing and play.

As she honed in on her guitar and singing skills, Carol began a successful run at talent contests throughout her High School and College years. She received many 1st place awards and much encouragement from her audience, fellow musicians, and professional music industry personnel to pursue a career in music.


In 1979, Carol began her professional traveling career at the tender age of 19, when she joined the three ringed circus outfit, Carden & Johnson-Clyde Brother’s Circus. It was during this time that her appetite for life on the road was birthed. But Carol sensed that the circus life was no life for a young single woman; yet, she had no clue what direction her life should take; that is, until her friend, BJ Valdez introduced her to the music of several Christian artists; BJ Thomas, The Imperials, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Sandi Patti, The Gather’s, Don Francisco, and Amy Grant, to name a few. Carol had no idea that Christian music even existed. Amy Grant was the artist who touched her heart in a way that music had never done before. “The honesty in her lyrics is what first captivated my heart; then, when I realized that she was singing about God, I was filled with intrigue, and wanted to know more about this personal relationship she spoke of in her songs. I knew that what Amy had was what I had been missing all my life."


After her 9 month adventure with the circus, that fall, Carol started attending the University of Southern Colorado, studying music; but after two years, she decided to pursue her love of country music. In ’80, she joined ranks with a country/rock group and became the lead vocalist for “The Dreamers." Her two years with the band resulted in her first radio spot with the band; and later, sent her on a tour of The Orient, singing for Armed Forces Officer’s Clubs. It was during this tour that she began sensing the strong presence of the Lord on her life.


“I had felt for a long time that God was pursuing me; at a very young age, God spoke to me specifically and said, “You’re gonna have a hard life, Carol, but I’m gonna be with you the whole time." To an 8 year old mind, this was a lot to take in. I did my best to pray to God in the only way I knew how; laying on my bed at night and talking with Him. I know The Lord remained with me throughout my life, but it wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I surrendered my life totally to Him."


While she was touring Okinawa, Japan, the summer of 1982, Carol happened to come across the music of Amy Grant once again; and once again, she was drawn by The Holy Spirit to make a change in her life. She purchased the cassette tape of Amy Grant’s, “In Concert” and took it back to her room. “I was shaking! I knew that God was about to speak to my heart again about the life I was living. It took me an HOUR to put that tape into the boom box! When I heard, “All I Ever Have To Be”, I was undone”! Once my feet hit the ground in the U.S. after that tour, I immediately made my way to the music store and purchased the next Amy Grant Live album; and when I listened to “I’m Gonna Fly”, my heart SOARED! This time, I determined in my heart, “I want what SHE has”!


Still, Carol was uncertain about committing her life to Jesus, so she continued with her dream of becoming a country star. She landed a recording deal with The Orbison Brothers, in the winter of 1983, in a city-wide talent contest. She went on to record a 45 record with one of her original tunes on Side B. Side A was a song written by Glenn Warf. During this period of her life, Carol became quite restless and discontent with her lifestyle. She would later end up throwing that box of records into the dumpster.


It was a year after her encounter with God in Okinawa, through Amy’s music, that Carol had the opportunity to attend one of her concerts, when the “Age to Age” tour made its way to  Ft. Collins, Colorado, July 30th, 1983. “I remember sitting in my car that hot summer night, before I walked into the concert hall; I was once again, face to face, in the presence of Jesus. As I sat nervously, praying the best way I knew how. Somehow, I knew this night was going to be a life changer for me! And it WAS!  THANK GOD, my life has not been the same since”! Carol had an encounter with The Holy Spirit that night, and she finally surrendered her life to Jesus Christ!


That Thanksgiving, with determination in her heart to pursue a career in Christian music, Carol packed up her belongings and her dog; and with $20 in her pocket, and started into her journey to the southeast; taking time, half way into her drive to pawn some of her musical equipment so that she had enough gas money to make it the rest of the way in to Nashville, Tennessee.  With the exception of a temporary move back to Colorado between 1993 and 1996, Carol has resided in Nashville for 34 years.


~ Carol’s Calling ~

In the summer of 1989, with the assistance of Jim Weber, Carol founded CSMM, (Carol Sanchez Music Ministries), and was sent out into the mission field of music ministry, with the blessing of Belmont Church Pastor, Don Finto.  In 1992, God placed a more specific call on Carol’s life for a ministry of healing and reconciliation.  As evidenced in her lyrics and transparent personal testimony, she openly expresses her struggles with a painful past; and facing her demons with addictions and depression.


Carol traveled throughout the world for 13+ years, declaring the good news of Jesus Christ, through concerts, special appearances, and on the mission fields of Mexico, The Bush-In The Bahamas’, Indian Reservations, and Singapore.  Unfortunately, in the Spring of 2002, because of a string of chronic health issues, and her battle with anxiety, clinical depression, and bipolar, Carol was prescribed heavy medications during this part of her difficult journey.  Due to debilitating physical pain, she could no longer endure the demands of traveling.  She was forced into what she thought at the time, to be a premature retirement from her singing career.  "I became embittered with resentment and anger towards God for this “untimely demise” in my life.  I determined in my hardened heart to self destruct; and proceeded to live that way for 15 years"!

Those 15 long years of wandering in the desert of her soul were the darkest years of her life, admits Carol.  She felt that God had abandoned her, so she, in turn, abandoned Him.  She lived quite recklessly; indifferent to the ones her jaded heart was having an impact on.  "I liken my wounded self to a wilted flower that had lost all hope for the life giving drink that would satisfy the insatiable thirst of my soul.  My future looked bleak, at best".

By 2013, it was either sink or swim; and as far as Carol's darkened, “victimized” heart was concerned, she couldn’t care less that she was sinking at a rapid pace!  Her friend, Amy Grant watched from a distance, as Carol battled with manic bipolar episodes; spinning recklessly out of control; until one fateful day, she wrecked her car, and her whole world came tumbling down with a drunken black out crash!  That's when Amy stepped in to intervene, and introduced Carol to Brainwave Optimization; a brain therapy treatment which has been instrumental in bringing about the necessary healing and wholeness to Carol's traumatized brain.

The Brainwave Therapy had a tremendous impact on Carol's life, with promising results, which were unfolding with each passing month.  She even took the liberty later to claim her spot as "poster child" for The Brainwave Institute!  Although, by the end of the summer of 2016, Carol eventually came out on the other side of these treatments totally cured of bipolar and alcoholism, the full realization of healing from these treatments had not yet manifested at this time.  Carol still nursed a death wish for several months after undergoing the brainwave treatments for a second time, in 2014.  It’s only been a few short months since the oppressive suicidal ideation was lifted from her spirit.

Why then, after so much healing and restoration had taken place, was Carol still wrestling with suicidal thoughts???  "The answer is; I was still functioning with the mentality of a “victim”.  You know; the “Woe is me” attitude of heart.  I had not yet learned how to navigate these sometimes, turbulent waters in life with any sense of emotional, spiritual, or mental health".

The endless cycle of fiery darts that her enemy, the devil hurled at Carol, entangled her heart in his crafty little web of deceit; and prevented her from recognizing the truth of her free access of unconditional love her Abba Daddy was offering her. "Satan knows full well that if we begin to believe the truth of who we are in Christ, and to live in that truth; and start to give testimony to God’s goodness, it would mean one more warrior for Jesus is on the loose, who is out there freeing up the captives he has locked up in his dungeon of despair"!


So yes, even after the successful outcome of the brainwave treatments, Carol still had to make the conscious choice to no longer live like a victim.  Remember, “Old habits die hard”; and dismantling this particular habit has been quite the undertaking for Carol, not to mention, for the support team God has surrounded her with!  "It has been the stronghold of my thought life for many a decade!  I had to resolve in my spirit not to fall for the lies that my enemy has been feeding me since my early childhood".  Once Carol began to do that, those claws that her demons sunk deep into the core of her heart began to loosen; and the chains that kept Carol locked up for so long finally fell to the cold, wet ground of that prison floor!  "I found my way to FREEDOM, and I have not looked back since"!!


After several months of morning over the devastating loss of her deaf sister, Kathy, back in December-2016; 2 weeks before Easter this year, Carol had a significant breakthrough.  The deep initial grieving process had begun to lift; her grieving heart had been restored and reconciled to her heavenly Father.  The Holy Spirit awakened Carol from the deep slumber Satan had cast over her spirit; and she reaquainted her heart to the truth of the finished work of the cross.  Says Carol, "I nailed my Sins to the cross of Calvary on that Good Friday, at our church service; and with each passing blow of the hammer to that nail, I exclaimed to my spirit, "IT IS FINISHED!  IT IS FINISHED!!  HALLELUJAH!!  IT IS FINISHED"!!!  By Easter Morning, the Holy Spirit put a fire of determination in Carol's soul to take back everything that Satan had stolen from her these past 15 years!  She has been hounding heaven ever since for the courage to storm the gates of hell and take everything back by force, in the name of Jesus, and by the power of The Blood!!


It was no surprize then, for Carol to encounter the encouraging, jolt in the pants Author, Lisa Bevere at this particular time.  "I picked up Lisa's book, "Without Rival", and simply could NOT put it down!  Lisa's inspiriing words affirmed to my spirit that I was on the right track; in turn, I became even more determined to take back my God given destiny and run with it!  I am even more determined to live life to the full; and I intend to go out with a bang, when that Glory Day comes a knockin'"!

Even with the sudden loss of income from a job that came to an unfortunate end this past summer; and the recent, untimely death of her gentle deaf brother, Paul Sanchez; the joy of the Lord has consistently sustained Carol through her extended grieving process.  "I am not the victim I was when I lost my sister; because the hope that once was lost has been restored in my heart.  Papa God truly has been faithful to restore what the locusts have eaten.  I now realize that losing my job was the best thing that could have happened to me, (it was the kick in the pants that I needed!), because it was that very hard providence that launched me back into my passion for music"!


So, what happened?  What precipitated Carol's breakthrough?  "All I can tell you is that, by the sovereign grace of God, I resolved in my spirit to follow Jesus at any cost.  Even for as hopeless as my circumstances appeared, I determined in my heart to get out of bed, get dressed, and show up at church"!  As a result, God is doing a new thing in Carol's heart; and she is ready to sing about it; and shout it from every roof top that He will take her to!

One of the most resent developments in Carol's heart concerning music ministry is her new found passion for special concert events for the deaf.  "My deaf brother, Paul was my biggest fan.  Often times, I would walk up to his apartment and hear my music playing through Paul's stereo at maximum volume!  Poor neighbors!  LOL!!  Whenever Paul would come to an event that I was singing at, he would lean up against the speaker so he could feel the beat".  Soon after Carol sang at her brother's memorial service, in the Fall of 2017, Paul's pastor invited her to sing for a special concert event for the deaf.  That's when the light went on, and Carol began exploring new ways to minister through music to the greater deaf population.


Carol readily acknowledges that family, friends, and community played a vital role in the healing process of her heart.  Her support team and The Church, (Capital "C"), was a pivotal component God used to, "breathe life back into my dead soul".  Many of my brothers and sisters in my community have played an active role in bringing about the resurrection of my buried heart.  They literally took a spiritual shovel into their hands and dug me up out of the grave yard of despair!!  Carol also admits that insightful, godly counsel and life coaching from her therapists have been instrumental in encouraging Carol to find her singing voice again.

"So, is my life perfect?  No!  FAR FROM IT!!  Do I have my act together?  Ask my friends, and my therapist; they will give you a resounding NO!!!  I am a flawed human being, who still struggles with Sin and brokenness; who still fails and disappoints her friends and family; and I am still in much need of God’s immeasurable grace"!

So, in Carol's own words, "I'M BAAACCCKKK, AND I AM SINGING A NEW SONG!!!  God is doing a new thing in my heart!  My life is FAR from over!  There is MUCH work yet to be done.  There is hope for one like me; and that hope is found in Jesus Christ!  I am living proof that Papa God can take what Satan meant for evil and use it for His good!!!  His specialty is glorifying Himself through flawed, imperfect, weak, broken, redeemed vessels; misfits like myself, who stand ready to declare the faithfulness of a merciful God!  Through this call to music ministry that has been entrusted to my care, I want to encourage everyone I meet to, (In the words of Lisa Bevere-"Without Rival"), take back their God given, unrivaled destiny!!!  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!  Hallelujah!  What a Savior!  Hallelujah!  What a friend"!!

Carol's Story