Amy Grant

Performing Artist

"Carol Sanchez moved to Nashville back in 1983. I met her through church and have been in close contact with her for years. She quickly plugged into the community in Nashville and is involved on many levels of christian ministry.

As far as retreats go, Carol sings beautifully and plays guitar well. Her repertoire includes her own well crafted songs and favorite familiar choruses. Carol is down-to-earth, easy going, easy to talk to and deeply grounded in her faith in Christ.  Trust me,

you are in for a treat!"

Michael W. Smith

Performing Artist

"In the seven years I have known Carol Sanchez, she has continually amazed me with her dedication for the people in her life, young as well as old. She is extremely dependable and has a very even-keeled temperament, rarely moody. Carol is a patient and loving person with the ability to cope and adapt to the unique changes that exist with families who are

in the music industry.

More than that, Carol has a real heart for God that is overwhelmingly evident in her everyday life. I believe that Carol is also very gifted musically and would be excellent in any capacity that incorporates her musical talent with her love for children,

teens and young adults."


"My wife and I have known Carol Sanchez for about five years. She brought me a tape of her songs one day, and asked me to listen. Though I thought myself too busy, God convicted me to sit down and listen. I was very impressed with the anointing that God chose to pour out on her songs. I was then convicted to bring her into the studio and record some of her songs. During the recording, the piano player's failing relationship with his wife found new life when he was touched by one of Carol's songs. The drummer (who was not saved at the time) was so moved he began asking questions about God. He was saved two months later. The bass player re-dedicated his life to Jesus after the session. I believe God has a call and a plan for Carol's life and I'm glad He chose to use me as a small part of her ministry."


Don Potter

"We are delighted that Carol Sanchez will be spending some of her time now in ministry through music. Carol has been a part of the Belmont Church since 1983. We have appreciated her through the years and have been delighted to see the way in which she has grown in Jesus. She has been very active in youth and children's ministry at Belmont and we recommend her without hesitation. Her love for people and her love for the Lord will be a blessing to you."


Don Finto

"I write on behalf of Carol Sanchez, a very gifted and dear member of the Body of Christ. As Senior Pastor of Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee, I have had the privilege of getting to know Carol and watching her grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I commend Carol to you not only as a talented song writer and musician, but more importantly as one who evidences integrity and honesty in her ongoing growth in Christ. Through her pain she has tasted the grace of God and freely shares about both His forgiveness and His sufficient grace for all things in life. I am glad to add my name to Carol's list of encouragers and supporters."


Scott Ward Smith

"I'm delighted to write this letter on behalf of Carol Sanchez. Ever since my first contact with her, I've been telling people about her skills as a lyricist and musician. In fact, I believe her song, "This is Grace," has potential to become a Christian classic.

However, there's much more to Carol than her talent. Her passionate heart for God makes her words and music simply another means to praise Him. As the Senior Pastor of Foothills Bible Church, I've seen Carol effectively minister to a wide range of ages and audiences. My wife and I have enjoyed a personal connection with Carol that we believe was arranged by the Lord. We're so glad He brought her to Denver.

Whenever I think of the A.W. Tozer quote, "God can never use a man (or woman) until he's hurt him greatly," I think of Carol. She has credibility with me because she has experienced pain as a means of knowing God more deeply, rather than being embittered by it. As she ministers within our church community, Carol serves with humility and integrity. I'm privileged to be among those who heartily recommend Carol Sanchez."


Bill Oudemolen

"It is with great pleasure that I send this letter of introduction and recommendation. Carol Sanchez has greatly blessed my family and my children. She has done so by displaying a strong desire to follow God at all cost, and to wait patiently upon His direction.

Her desire to pursue her music industry has never taken the stage over her deep hunger to pursue God. In the years I've known Carol, she has served my family with various job situations. Each time she did as unto the Lord. Even though a music career has always been in her heart, she has waited patiently upon the Lord to confirm. And now, we believe He has.

She has an anointed ability to communicate with young children, and an ability to show a genuine heart for God. Each time she spends an evening with my children, they are greatly blessed by her strong devotion.

It is with great love and excitement that I pray this letter will help you and your kids find a way to be with Carol."


E. Michael Blanton

"Dear Carol, thank you for blessing those of us at Calvary Chapel. It is always refreshing to see musicians who are more into making a name for Jesus than themselves."


Alan Curtis

"While pondering the idea of writing to you, I came to the conclusion that your impact merits much more than a mere "thank you" letter. So now that I've come to that conclusion, I'm struggling with how to adequately express my appreciation for you. While I don't think you will ever know exactly how wonderful and widespread your impact has been until God says thank you and shows you the many lives you've touched, I can vouch for the small glimpses I continue to see.

Here at the office, I'm graced by seeing God's victory in the lives of the children. Through your willingness to let God use your time and your gifts, you have become an essential part of this process. One of the models we use that provides for us an outline for working with the kids is to soften, shape, and strengthen them. Even though your music plays a part in each stage of this model, I feel that it has a particularly powerful part in the softening stage. It is during the singing and worship times that I feel the kids' defenses begin to weaken so that change can begin to take place..."


Brian Durham

"This is to commend to you Miss Carol Sanchez who has been a faithful friend and servant of the Teen Challenge/Life Challenge ministry in Nashville, Tennessee for 3 years.

During her association with the Life Challenge program, a residential drug and alcohol treatment ministry for young women, Carol has provided in music and mime, loving friendship to our ladies, and volunteer services as substitute for staff members. She has been invaluable to us. Her songs are sincere, honest and truthful and go deep into the heart of the women who are here searching to find their way in Jesus Christ. She is compassionate and friendly but tough in her love toward troubled people. She knows the power of Jesus in her own life and seeks to give God the glory in her service.

'Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised.'  Proverbs 31:30"


Sandra Womack


Kind words from some kind folks along the way.