Carol's music spans across many age groups and genres.  From 1 to 100, audiences enjoy her fun original sing along songs for children, inspiring tunes for teens, and her transparent, life affirming lyrics for adults.

Whether it's a worship lyric or a song about life's daily struggles, Carol's music can best be described as, Music For the Heart.

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God Is Doing A New Thing!
Carol's recently penned song, "God Is Doing A New Thing" was deposited into her heart after finding the healing her traumatized brain so desperately needed.
She suffered a very long season of deep despair and depression, primarily due to the Brain Trauma she sustained as a toddler.  Much thanks to friend, Amy Grant, who introduced Carol to Cereset Brainwave Technologies, she has not only rediscovered her passion for music, but Carol also enjoys meaningful encounters with her new-found passion for woodworking.
To know more about ground breaking Brainwave Technologies, please follow the link below, where you will hear first hand success with brainwave technology from the founder of Cereset, Lee Gerdes:

Please enjoy the "Scratch" vocal recording below of, "God Is Doing A New Thing", along with three other new tunes Carol has penned recently, and take a melodic journey filled with the message of hope, peace, and joy.

~  Carol's Latest Tunes  ~

Sweet Addiction - Carol SanchezArtist Name
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Like Theres No Tomorrow
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God is Doing a New Thing Scratch Vibe (1
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It's Okay - Sara's Song - Carol Sanchez
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