Don't Cage Me In

Don't cage me in behind your philosophy. Don't try to make me think the way you do. Just because you think I'm wrong doesn't make you right. Don't be so quick to judge, and presume your superiority over my existence, insisting my inferiority to your self entitled placement in this world. By doing so, you restrict my freedom for the space I need to be fully me; the me I was born to be. I have the God given right to live and breathe the way I see fit for the life that has been birthed in me from the heavens.

Don't deny me the inherent right of my humanity, transmitted to me from the divine hand of my Creator. Stop trying to manipulate me with your lofty assumptions that you were sent here to influence change in my "flawed thinking"; and that your god; your bible has told you to deliver a privileged message to me, bestowed only upon your angelic head in order to correct my misguided beliefs. God has not singled you out and given you the golden key which unlocks hidden treasures doled out only to the exclusive godly few. Furthermore, He has not anointed you with divine authority to take the rod of correction to my back, nor has He given you His Word to pray the demons out of me! Don't get me wrong; I am no angel, myself. I know that FULL well. I have my fair share of flaws and imperfections; but insisting I am a sinner, or that I am going astray because I do not subscribe to your beliefs is a rather arrogant and narrow minded attitude, in my personal opinion.

"Spiritualized vomit", (A term I am stealing from a friend), only serves to drive the wedge between us deeper, causing further division. We are here to build each other up, not tear one another down. We should be joining ranks as a united front against our true Enemy, the devil; arm in arm on the fortress wall that is only meant to protect us. Please stop pushing me off the wall that divides us; it prevents me from learning and growing; restricting me from expanding into the reality of who I am. Your fearful attempt to control your own world with futile efforts to control my world; and using the language of prayer, much less, Holy Scripture as a means to accomplish this arrogant endeavor is deplorable, at best! This feverish disdain I have encountered when you discover you have not succeeded to assimilate me to your liking is a telltale sign of a superior belief system. Furthermore, when I do not comply with your hidden agenda beneath the thin layer of White Evangelical Methodology, you simply throw me behind the prison bars of your legalistic world view, justifying your actions by your poorly misguided interpretation of The Word of God. NO ONE has exclusive access into the thought life of God! Genuine humility yields to the truth that no man gets it ALL right. Not a single human being on the planet earth can claim they understand the thoughts of Almighty God. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways". (Isaiah 55:8 - NIV) Who are WE to assume that we know how God thinks? Even our own righteousness is like filthy rags when compared to the omnipotent power of The Prince of Peace!

You only fixate your efforts to change me because I don't look, smell, or think like you do. You can’t change the color of my skin, so you attempt to change my beliefs to line them up with your own way of thinking. Your insatiable appetite to control man; to be godlike is a desperate attempt to stop me from exploring my own self actualization; a design which originated with God himself. This stifling of growth into my unique authentic self is an assault on the supernatural existence of The Powerful Being you seem to refuse to yield your mindset to; and it flies right in the face of The Gospel. The God you oppose has already put into motion my own set of blueprints; my birth right to journey on the path of my own personal destiny. The only thing your prideful posture with people who are not like you will ever accomplish is to put blinders on the eyes of your heart; preventing you from acknowledging the beauty of diversity; a state of being orchestrated by the glorious mind of God. This false belief system gives you the unwarranted license to go on denying the pain and anguish you continue to pour out on those whom you deem unworthy of basic human rights; rights which were ordained by the hand of the Creator of the Universe.

In closing, let us be slow to anger and quick to forgive. Can we come together now, and explore how we can be agents of love and compassion; conduits by which meaningful change can begin to flow? Let us make it our life's pursuit to add beauty to our world, instead of taking it away. Never forget that, united we stand, divided we fall. We are after all, One Nation Under God. God Bless America! God Bless you, Everyone! Have a very Merry and safe Christmas, and may we ALL have a happier, healthier New Year!!

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